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Membership Questions

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Confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. Each member is given a unique code that links to the financial reports. The contents of the reports utilize each unique code as an identifier, rather than the member’s name, to ensure confidentiality. The information shared using the unique identifier is shared only within a member’s specific group for comparison purposes and not shared outside of their group.
In addition, each 20 Group is carefully constructed so that dealers competing in the same market are not in the same group.

It is almost a guarantee that members will improve bottom line results by joining TEN.

If the member is currently earning less than 10% net profit, it is highly likely that he/she will increase his/her profit by two percentage points in the first year so long as he/she is willing to make small changes in their business model.

The goal of TEN group members is a net profit greater than 10%. Many members achieve 10% net and more.

There is no contract required to be a member of TEN. Dealers can become a member and discontinue their membership at any time if they aren’t satisfied with the value.

A dealer with only one store can benefit from being a member of a TEN. Members typically have from one to ten locations.